Various Artists: King's serious soul: Too much pain


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  1. Thomas Bailey: Wish I was back (in your arms again)
  2. Eugene Evans: Too Much Pain
  3. Eddie James: Reap what you sow
  4. Robert Moore: Am I wasting my time
  5. Gloria Walker´: When my baby cries
  6. Eugene Evans: Lonely Man
  7. Billy Soul: She's Gone, Pt. 1
  8. Patterson Twins: Come to me
  9. Nancy Butts: Letter full of tears
  10. Marie Queenie Lyons: We'll cry together
  11. Patterson Twins: Back in love again
  12. Eddie James: I can't get used to living without you
  13. Freddie Williams: Heart can you hear me
  14. Jeb Stuart: I don't want to leave you darling
  15. Thomas Bailey: Just won't move
  16. Lord Thunder: Try a Little Harder
  17. Jimmy Braswell: I can't give you my heart
  18. Eugene Evans: One Hurt
  19. Nancy Butts: Only one love
  20. Lori & Lance: All I Want Is You
  21. Cody Black: Keep on keeping on
  22. Billy Soul: My Darling Honey Baby
  23. Sam Baker: Why does a woman treat a man so bad
  24. Jimmy Braswell: Your love is out of reach

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