Katatonia: The Black Sessions (1)


This 2 disc compilation includes all of the bands b-sides, cover songs, and
select songs recorded between 1998 and 2004.

Also included is a 24 page booklet which features the lyrics to all of the songs
and a live DVD of the band in Krakow, Poland (April 2003) which is disc 3. Total
running time 1:08:49.

The only brand new song on this compilation titled "Wait Outside" is a
previously unreleased track from the Viva Emptiness sessions. - Deathmetalswede


Version 1
  1. Teargas
  2. Right Into The Bliss
  3. Criminals
  4. Help Me Disappear
  5. Nerve
  6. The Future of Speech
  7. Ghost of The Sun
  8. I Am Nothing
  9. Deadhouse
  10. Passing Bird
  11. Sleeper
  12. Sulfur
  13. No Devotion
  14. Chrome
  15. A Premonition
  16. Dispossession
  17. Cold Ways
  18. Nightmares By The Sea
  19. O How I Enjoy The Light
  20. Evidence
  21. March 4
  22. I Break
  23. For My Demons
  24. Omerta
  25. Tonight's Music
  26. Stalemate
  27. Wait Outside
  28. Fractured
  29. Sweet Nurse
  30. Black Sessions
  31. Ghost of The Sun (live)
  32. Criminals (live)
  33. Teargas (live)
  34. I Break (live)
  35. I Am Nothing (live)
  36. Sweet Nurse (live)
  37. Tonight's Music (live)
  38. For My Demons (live)
  39. Chrome (live)
  40. The Future of Speech (live)
  41. Complicity (live)
  42. Burn The Rememberance (live)
  43. Evidence (live)
  44. Deadhouse (live)
  45. Murder (live)

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