Various Artists: Kill-Town Death Fest 2012


Version 1
  1. Tone of Things to Come [Chaos Echoes]
  2. The Horned Majesty [Church Bizarre]
  3. Of Desolation [Corpsessed]
  4. In The Grasp of the Starving Dead [Cryptborn]
  5. Abandonment [Esoteric]
  6. Grains [Execration]
  7. Sins Reversed [Fleshless]
  8. Restrained Remains [General Surgery]
  9. The House of Hammer [Hooded Menace]
  10. Torn From the Grave [Interment]
  11. The New Elite [Master]
  12. Of Serpent and Shadow [Maveth]
  13. Terrifying Visions [Mold]
  14. Channeling the Numinous [Morbus Chron]
  15. Shape of Putrid Abomination [Necrocurse]
  16. Succumbed to Sarkum Phagum [Necros Christos]
  17. Into the Abyss [Pustulation]
  18. Ave Dominus [Ritualization]
  19. Funerals Obscure [Sadistic Intent]
  20. Black Phlegm [Swallowed]
  21. Coalescent of the Inhumane Awareness [Tyranny]
  22. Forbidden Cult [Undead Creep]
  23. Impious Genocide [Verminous]
  24. Graveless Epitaph [Voids Of Vomit]
  25. Infernal Lord of Deepest Black [Zom]

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