Sweet: The Lost Singles Non-Album-Singles & B-Sides Compilation


Version 1
  1. Stairway to the Stars
  2. Why Don''t You Do It to Me
  3. Funk It Up
  4. A Distinct Lack of Ancient
  5. Action
  6. Fox on the Run
  7. Miss Demeanor
  8. Someone Else Will
  9. Burn on the Flame
  10. Teenage Rampage
  11. Own Up, Take a Look at Yourself
  12. The Ballroom Blitz
  13. Rock & Roll Disgrace
  14. Hell Raiser
  15. Burning
  16. Blockbuster
  17. Need a Lot of Lovin''
  18. Wig Wam Bam
  19. New York Connection
  20. Little Willy
  21. Man From Mecca
  22. Poppa Joe
  23. Alexander Graham Bell
  24. You''re Not Wrong for Loving Me

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Sweet:Desolation Boulevard Sweet:Fanny Adams Sweet:Give Us A Wink Sweet:Strung Up Sweet:Off the record Sweet:Level headed Sweet:Funny funny how sweet coco can be Sweet:Fox on the run Sweet:Blockbusters Sweet:the ballroom blitz

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