Ayreon: Transitus


4-CD+DVD, Earbook Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition/Rare - Lodger


Version 1
  1. Fatum Horrificum
  2. Daniel''s Descent Into Transitus
  3. Listen To My Story
  4. Two Worlds Now One
  5. Talk Of The Town
  6. Old Friend
  7. Dumb Piece Of Rock
  8. Get Out! Now!
  9. Seven Days, Seven Nights
  10. Condemned Without A Trial
  11. Daniel''s Funeral
  12. Hopelessly Slipping Away
  13. This Human Equation
  14. Henry''s Plot
  15. Message From Beyond
  16. Daniel''s Vision
  17. She Is Innocent
  18. Lavinia''s Confession
  19. Inferno
  20. Your Story Is Over!
  21. Abby In Transitus
  22. The Great Beyond
  23. Fatum Horrificum (Instrumental)
  24. Daniel''s Descent Into Transitus (Instrumental)
  25. Listen To My Story (Instrumental)
  26. Two Worlds Now One (Instrumental)
  27. Talk Of The Town (Instrumental)
  28. Old Friend (Instrumental)
  29. Dumb Piece Of Rock (Instrumental)
  30. Get Out! Now! (Instrumental)
  31. Seven Days, Seven Nights (Instrumental)
  32. Condemned Without A Trial (Instrumental)
  33. Daniel''s Funeral (Instrumental)
  34. Hopelessly Slipping Away (Instrumental)
  35. This Human Equation (Instrumental)
  36. Henry''s Plot (Instrumental)
  37. Message From Beyond (Instrumental)
  38. Daniel''s Vision (Instrumental)
  39. She Is Innocent (Instrumental)
  40. Lavinia''s Confession (Instrumental)
  41. Inferno (Instrumental)
  42. Your Story Is Over! (Instrumental)
  43. Abby In Transitus (Instrumental)
  44. The Great Beyond (Instrumental)
  45. Guilty (Guide Vocals)
  46. Daniel''s Descent Into Transitus (Guide Vocals)
  47. Listen To My Story (Guide Vocals)
  48. Two Worlds Now One (Guide Vocals)
  49. Talk Of The Town (Guide Vocals)
  50. Get Out! Now! (Guide Vocals)
  51. Condemned Without A Trial (Guide Vocals)
  52. Daniel''s Funeral (Guide Vocals)
  53. Hopelessly Slipping Away (Guide Vocals)
  54. This Human Equation (Guide Vocals)
  55. Message From Beyond (Guide Vocals)
  56. She Is Innocent (Guide Vocals)
  57. Lavinia''s Confession (Guide Vocals)
  58. Inferno (Guide Vocals)
  59. Your Story Is Over! (Guide Vocals)
  60. Abby In Transitus (Guide Vocals)
  61. The Great Beyond (Guide Vocals)
  62. Behind The Scenes
  63. 5.1 Audio Mix
  64. 2.0 Hi Res 24 Bit Audio Mix
  65. Videoclip With 2.0 And 5.1 Audio
  66. Hellscore Choir Session
  67. Trailer

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