Guns N' Roses: Appetite for Destruction


Japansk utgåva. Annat omslag och med klistermärken. - everybodyknows

24148-2 - petpet

Med original-omslaget. - Jögge

Japansk utgåva. Annat omslag och med klistermärken. - everybodyknows

24148-2 - petpet

Med original-omslaget. - Jögge

Deras bästa, lengendarisk skiva! - Wacke

Guns N’ Roses didn’t invent hard rock, but the group’s debut found the band assimilating the genre’s primordial ingredients in a way no one had done before. Combining the swagger of late ’60s Stones and vintage Aerosmith with the menace of punk and a trash-glam aesthetic, Appetite for Destruction injected a much-needed dose of ’70s-style rebellion into the frothy pop metal of the ’80s. Rife with riff-driven anthems such as “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” the album sounds as fresh today as it did 20 years ago.

Ett av de 20 bästa Rockalbumen någonsin. - Greger

Med orignialomslaget - Sgt_Ed

50:- - morpheo

Orginal omslag. - Peter Jönsson

W. Axl Rose (All lead vocals, backing vocals, synth and percussion), Slash (Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars), Izzy Stradlin (Rhythm, lead guitars, backing vocals and percussion), Duff "Rose" McKagan (Bass guitar and backing vocals), Steven Adler (Drums) Produced by Mike Clink - soulpunk

Additional Cat#: GEFD 24148 - boniperti

Picture inner sleeve - Blodskam

Printed In Thailand - GorgoEvil

org. omslaget - vio-lence

Original Cover - Nische

första framsidan - oliviaa

Fet vinylbox, orange vinyl, inkl t-shirt. - Mr-Brett

Tysk press. - Dunceor

Germany - Mr_Running_Wild

w/ Inner Sleeve + Sticker On Cover

Special Limited Edition Containing Sheet Of Japanese Peel-off Stickers - Madelid

Originalomslaget - Spinal Pap

med orginalomslaget - Olsson

Bannade covern - DanielJ

vanliga covern med korset - DanielJ

different cover - sugarfixx

This is the cencored korean press. It only contains 9 tracks and the rest were removed due to cencorship. The girl on the cover sleeve is also cencored. Includes inner sleeve with korean lyrics. - Lukinx

Originalt Usensurert Cover! - harbroyn

Limited edition with sticker. - Lukinx

LP med det ocensurerade konvolutet. - wolfman

Orignal Rape Cover - Tremil

180 gram vinyl: Remastered. - Lukinx

Japanese press with same cover art as the CD version of "Appettie For Destruction". Inlay also in japanese. - Lukinx

Printed innersleeve.
German edition. - redrumretsim

Röd vinyl. - Mr-Brett

Made in USA. - Ythos

Nypress på 180 grams vinyl. - Mr-Brett

Mexicansk utgåva. - Mr-Brett

Grön melerad vinyl. - Mr-Brett

Gul vinyl. - Mr-Brett

This rare 1987 Japanese only 12 track CD album set includes a set of 4 x 10? prints and all housed inside a 10? x 10? x ½” picture box !

- Mr-Brett

Brun/grön melerad vinyl. - Mr-Brett

Arranged By – Guns N' Roses
Artwork By [Cross Tattoo Design] – Bill White Jr.
Artwork By [Direction, Design] – Michael Hodgson
Artwork By [Front Cover Painting] – Robert Williams
Artwork By [Tattoo Redrawn] – Andy Engell
Bass, Backing Vocals – Duff McKagan
Drums – Steven Adler
Engineer [Assistant] – Andy Udoff, Dave Reitzas*, Jeff Poe, Julian Stoll, Micajah Ryan, Victor Deyglio
Guitar [Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic] – Slash (3)
Guitar [Rhythm, Lead], Percussion, Backing Vocals – Izzy Stradlin
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Synthesizer, Percussion – Axl Rose
Mastered By – George Marino
Mixed By – Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero
Other [A&r Coordination] – Teresa Ensenat, Tom Zutaut
Photography [Back Cover] – Robert John
Photography [Inner Sleeve Photos] – Jack Lue, Leonard McCardie, Marc Canter, Robert John
Producer – Mike Clink
Stereo 924148-1 WX 125
Manufactured in germany by Record service Gmbh Alsdorf
On spine: UK: WX 125 924 148-1
Black vinyl
Barcode and Other Identifiers?
Matrix / Runout: Side G : R/S Alsdorf 92418-1-A
Matrix / Runout: Side R : R/S Alsdorf 92418-1-B - JonHenric

Lila vinyl. - Mr-Brett

Orange vinyl. - Mr-Brett

Japansk utgåva med OBI-band. - Mr-Brett

Grå vinyl. - Mr-Brett

Original cover - Oniönhead

This version has the later banned rape-scene cover. - Greger

Blå vinyl. - Mr-Brett

Orange vinyl. - Mr-Brett

Blå vinyl. - Mr-Brett

with Sheet Of Peel-off Stickers. - Mr-Brett

Bootleg - HerpesFuckFarm

Nyutgiven bootleg, Picture disc med det klassiska "robot rape"-covern. - Mr-Brett

Felstavning på själva skivan Rocket Queen står som Roceet Queen. - Mr-Brett

Picturedisc, en bootleg troligtvis utgiven 2013. - Mr-Brett

Nyutgåva från 2018. - Mr-Brett

Limited Edition, foil slipcase 2-LP 180 gram vinyl, hologrove hologram. - Mr-Brett

Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered. - Mr-Brett

Limited Edition, foil slipcase 2-LP 180 gram vinyl, hologrove hologram. Still sealed. - Mr-Brett

Utgåva från 2018 - HerpesFuckFarm


Version 1
  1. Welcome to the Jungle
  2. It's So Easy
  3. Nightrain
  4. Out Ta Get Me
  5. Mr. Brownstone
  6. Paradise City
  7. My Michelle
  8. Think About You
  9. Sweet Child O' Mine
  10. You're Crazy
  11. Anything Goes
  12. Rocket Queen
Version 2
  1. Welcome to the Jungle
  2. It's So Easy
  3. Nightrain
  4. Out Ta Get Me
  5. Mr. Brownstone
  6. Paradise City
  7. My Michelle
  8. Think About You
  9. Sweet Child O' Mine
  10. You're Crazy
  11. Anything Goes
  12. Rocket Queen
Version 3
  1. Welcome To The Jungle
  2. It's So Easy
  3. Nightrain
  4. Out Ta Get Me
  5. Mr. Brownstone
  6. Paradise City
  7. My Michelle
  8. Think About You
  9. Sweet Child O' Mine
  10. You're Crazy
  11. Anything Goes
  12. Rocket Queen
Version 4
  1. Welcome To The Jungle
  2. It's So Easy
  3. Out Ta Get Me
  4. Paradise City
  5. Think About You
  6. Sweet Child O' Mine
  7. You're Crazy
  8. Anything Goes
  9. Rocket Queen
Version 5
  1. Welcome to the Jungle
  2. It's So Easy
  3. Night Rain
  4. Out Ta Get Me
  5. Mr. Brownstone
  6. Paradise City
  7. My Michelle
  8. Think About You
  9. Sweet Child O' Mine
  10. You're Crazy
  11. Anything Goes
  12. Rocket Queen
Version 6
  1. Welcome To the Jungle
  2. It''s So Easy
  3. Nightrain
  4. Out Ta Get Me
  5. Mr. Brownstone
  6. Paradise City
  7. My Michelle
  8. Think About You
  9. Sweet Child O'' Mine
  10. You''re Crazy
  11. Anything Goes
  12. Rocket Queen
Version 7
  1. Welcome To The Jungle
  2. It´s So Easy
  3. Nightrain
  4. Out Ta Get Me
  5. Mr. Brownstone
  6. Paradise City
  7. My Michelle
  8. Think About You
  9. Sweet Child O´ Mine
  10. You´re Crazy
  11. Anything Goes
  12. Rocket Queen
  13. Reckless Life
  14. Nice Boys
  15. Move To The City (Live)
  16. Mama Kin
  17. Shadow Of Your Love (Live)
  18. Welcome To The Jungle (1986 Sound City Session)
  19. Nightrain (1986 Sound City Session)
  20. Out Ta Get Me (1986 Sound City Session)
  21. Paradise City (1986 Sound City Session)
  22. My Michelle (1986 Sound City Session)
  23. Shadow Of Your Love
  24. It´s So Easy (Live)
  25. Knockin´ On Heaven''s Door (Live)
  26. Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)
  27. You´re Crazy (Acoustic Version)
  28. Patience
  29. Used To Love Her
  30. Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)

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Medelbetyg: 9,3


Geffen Records
GEF 24148
Geffen (EU)
Geffen (Ger)
Geffen / Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Geffen Records
Geffen Records, Inc.
Geffen Records/Uzi Suicide Records
Geffen/Uzi Suicide
MCA Records
Oasis / Geffen
The David Geffen Company
Uzi Suicide
Uzi Suicide - GEFFEN
Warner Bros.


GHS 24148
GED 24148
924 148-1
GEF 24148
424 148-2
GFLD 19286
UK: WX 125 924 148-1
GEFD 24148
WX 125 924 148-1
GED 24148
924 148-2
GED 24148/GEFD 24148/424 148-2
9 24148-2
UK: WX 125
BMGFL 5037
424 148 - 2
GED 24148/GEFD 24148
GEFC 24148
GED 24148, GEFD 24148
424 148-1
924 148-4
924 148-p
GHS 24211
GED24148 / 424 148 - 2
WX 125 / 924 148-1
UK: WX 125 / 924 148-1
424 148-2 / GED 24148 / GEFD 24148
WX 125
UK WX 125 924-148-1
9 24148-2


Rare Rape Cover Edition
Red Vinyl
Appetite for Destruction
Limted ed. - Sheet of japanese peel-off stickers
Germany by GMBH
cencored korean print
with sticker
blue vinyl
Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
180 Gram Vinyl: Remastered
Japanese Press
424 148 - 2
Firstpress LTD edition with sticker
GEFD 24148
Orange vinyl
röd vinyl
Germany Press
Grön vinyl
Printed in U.S.A.
Svart vinyl
Gul vinyl
Brun/grön vinyl
Lila vinyl
Japanese edition
Grå vinyl
German press, 1987
WX 125
GED24148 / 424 148 - 2
Blå vinyl
Tysk press
De luxe-edition
Reissue 2018
Still Sealed


10" (1)
12" (14)
2cd (4)
2cd digipak (1)
2cd gatefold (1)
2lp gatefold (2)
cd (560)
cd-box (1)
cd-r (2)
dvd (1)
lp (253)
lp-box (1)
mc (13)
pic 12" (4)
pic lp (4)