Kiss: Kiss


Deras första skiva. några klassiker som dom aldrig spelar live utan. - streber

Kiss första skiva. Inte bäst, men väldigt bra. - Zeb2002

Knappast utgiven detta år på cd, men inget annat årtal finns på skivan... - LunaSea

Deras första skiva. några klassiker som dom aldrig spelar live utan. - streber

Kiss första skiva. Inte bäst, men väldigt bra. - Zeb2002

Knappast utgiven detta år på cd, men inget annat årtal finns på skivan... - LunaSea


Första pressning utan låten "Kissing time" - mno555

Första skivan med Kiss, och den bästa om du frågar mig.
Många klassiker. - Bathory

Gene Simmons (Bass, vocals), Peter Criss (Drums, vocals), Paul Stanley (Rhythm guitar, vocals), Ace Frehley (Lead guitar, vocals) Produced by Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise - soulpunk

Första pressen av detta klassiska album, utan bedrövliga Kissin´ time - hinhale

Rare Japan Mini-LP/CD med bonuslåtar (live) - Mr. Smith

Rare 1998 Japanese limited edition 10-track CD album including Strutter and Deuce, presented in a mini-LP style card picture sleeve, fold-out Japnese/English lyric insert & obi-strip. - Greger

Reissues of NB 9001, now with the song "Kissin' Time" added - tomano58

Part of a reissue series of ten albums from KISS featuring cardboard sleeve jacket designs. Complete series includes "Alive II ," "Hotter Than Hell ," "Rock And Roll Over," "Kiss," "Dressed To Kill, " "Alive!" "Love Gun," "Destroyer," "Dynasty," and "Double Platinum." It is mastered in 1997. - Greger

Made in West Germany. PDO. - Ythos

Manufactured By – Victor Musical Industries, Inc.
?1974 Casablanca Records, Inc.
Made by Victor Musical Industries, Inc., Tokyo, Japan - JonHenric

Companies etc
Recorded At – Bell Sound Studios
Engineered At – Bell Sound Studios
Manufactured By – Warner Bros. Records
Distributed By – Warner Bros. Records
Bass – Gene Simmons
Design – Lockart*
Drums – Peter Criss
Electric Guitar – Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley
Engineer – Warren Dewey
Photography By – Joel Brodsky
Producer – Kenny Kerner, Richie Wise
First release of the album, excluding the cover song "Kissin' Time" which was later added to boost sales.
1st generation blue/dark gray Casablanca label design with a smoking man on the left. Across the bottom of the label is: Casablanca Records, Inc. Manufactured and distributed by Warner Bros. Records, Inc. / Made In U.S.A.
This label design is exclusive for this release.
Manufactured and distributed by Warner Bros. Records, Inc.
Engineered and recorded at Bell Sound Studios, N.Y.C, October 1973
"Firehouse" Fire Engine driven by the magnificent Eddie Solon, Mark Labow and Richie Wise.
Bobby claps on "Nothin' To Lose" and Bruce Foster plays piano. - JonHenric

Orginal. - Peter Jönsson

2014 reissue on 180g vinyl. Comes with mp3 download voucher. - Greger

German press - Lord_A

Vinyl. Casablanca (NBLP 7001) 1974 - F Hammar

card sleeve mini-LP replica - ratatosk

Producent: Kenny Kerner & Richie Wise.

Remastrad 1996 Av: Joseph M. Palmaccio.

Japan Papersleeve CD. - AORBenny


Version 1
  1. Strutter
  2. Nothin' to Lose
  3. Firehouse
  4. Cold Gin
  5. Let Me Know
  6. Kissin' Time
  7. Deuce
  8. Love Theme from Kiss
  9. 100,000 Years
  10. Black Diamond
Version 2
  1. Strutter
  2. Nothin' to Lose
  3. Firehouse
  4. Cold Gin
  5. Let Me Know
  6. Deuce
  7. Love Theme from Kiss
  8. 100,000 Years
  9. Black diamond
Version 3
  1. Strutter
  2. Nothin' To Lose
  3. Firehouse
  4. Cold Gin
  5. Let Me Know
  6. Kissin' Time
  7. Deuce
  8. Love Theme From Kiss
  9. 100, 000 Years
  10. Black Diamond
Version 4
  1. Strutter [#/demo version]
  2. Deuce [#/demo version]
  3. Keep Me Waiting [#]
  4. She [#]
  5. Love Her All I Can [#]
  6. Let Me Know [#/demo version]
  7. 100,000 Years [#/demo version]
  8. Stop, Look to Listen [#/demo version]
  9. Leeta [#/demo version]
  10. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll [#/demo version]
  11. Acrobat [live/#]
  12. Firehouse [#/demo version]
  13. Nothin' to Lose
  14. Black Diamond
  15. Hotter Than Hell
  16. Strange Ways
  17. Parasite
  18. Goin' Blind
  19. Anything for My Baby
  20. Ladies in Waiting
  21. Rock and Roll All Nite
  22. C'mon and Love Me [live]
  23. Rock Bottom [live]
  24. Cold Gin [live]
  25. Watchin' You [live]
  26. Doncha Hesitate [#/demo version]
  27. Mad Dog [#/demo version]
  28. God of Thunder [#/demo version]
  29. Great Expectations
  30. Beth
  31. Do You Love Me
  32. Bad, Bad Lovin' [#/demo version]
  33. Calling Dr. Love
  34. Mr. Speed [#/demo version]
  35. Christine Sixteen
  36. Hard Luck Woman
  37. Shock Me
  38. I Stole Your Love
  39. I Want You [#]
  40. Love Gun [#/demo version]
  41. Love Is Blind [#/demo version]
  42. Detroit Rock City
  43. King of the Night Time World [live]
  44. Larger Than Life
  45. Rocket Ride
  46. Paul Stanley
  47. Ace Frehley
  48. Radioactive [#/demo version]
  49. Peter Criss
  50. I Was Made for Lovin' You
  51. Sure Know Something
  52. Shandi
  53. You're All That I Want, You're All That I Need [#/demo version]
  54. Talk to Me [live/#]
  55. A World Without Heroes
  56. The Oath
  57. Nowhere to Run
  58. Creatures of the Night
  59. War Machine
  60. I Love It Loud
  61. Lick It Up
  62. All Hell's Breakin' Loose
  63. Heaven's on Fire
  64. Get All You Can Take
  65. Thrills in the Night
  66. Tears Are Falling
  67. Uh! All Night
  68. Time Traveler [#/demo version]
  69. Hell or High Water
  70. Crazy Crazy Nights
  71. Reason to Live
  72. Lets Put the X in Sex
  73. Hide Your Heart
  74. Ain't That Peculiar [#/demo version]
  75. Silver Spoon
  76. Forever [Single Version]
  77. God Gave Rock & Roll to You II
  78. Unholy
  79. Domino [#/demo version]
  80. Every Time I Look at You
  81. Comin' Home [live]
  82. Got to Choose [live]
  83. I Still Love You [live]
  84. Nothin' to Lose [live]
  85. Childhood's End
  86. I Will Be There
  87. Psycho Circus
  88. Into the Void
  89. Within
  90. I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock and Roll
  91. Nothing Can Keep Me from You
  92. It's My Life [#]
  93. Shout It Out Loud [live]
  94. Rock and Roll All Nite [live/#]
Version 5
  1. Strutter
  2. Nothin to loose
  3. Firehouse
  4. Cold Gin
  5. Let me know
  6. Kissin time
  7. Deuce
  8. Love theme from KISS
  9. 100,000 Years
  10. Black Diamond
  11. Strutter (Live)
  12. Nothin to loose (Live)
  13. Firehouse (Live)
  14. Cold Gin (Live)
  15. Deuce (Live)
  16. 100,000 Years (Live)
  17. Black Diamond (Live)
Version 6
  1. Strutter
  2. Nothin'' to lose
  3. Firehouse
  4. Cold gin
  5. Let me know
  6. Kissin'' time
  7. Deuce
  8. Love theme from Kiss
  9. 100,000 years
  10. Black diamond
Version 7
  1. Strutter
  2. Nothin´ to Lose
  3. Firehouse
  4. Cold Gin
  5. Let Me Know
  6. Kissin´ Time
  7. Deuce
  8. Love Theme From Kiss
  9. 100,000 Years
  10. Black Diamond

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Casablanca (US)
Casablanca / EMI
Casablanca / Phonogram
Casablanca Records
Casablanca/Warner Bros
E 062-96130
Mercury Japan
Mercury Records
Universal Japan


824 146-2 M-1
824 146-2-M-1
314 532 374-2
532 374-2
NB 9001
6399 057
Price 68
NBLP 7001
7199 057
6 399 057
6399 075


printed in Sweden
Printed in West Germany
Japansk press-97, pappfodral.
The Remasters
Metal Plaque
Reissue 1997
USA, Första Press Utan "Kissin' Time"
USA, 1977
USA, Första Press Utan Kissin' Time
USA, Första Press
Printed In U.S.A.
Japan-press VIP-6326
Japan-print VIP-6326
Reissue 1980
US-print, First print,
2014 Reissue
US-print, 1th press
2nd press


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